Child Sensitivity in Poverty Alleviation Programming

An Analytical Toolkit

This online training is intended to equip those who design and implement interventions to alleviate poverty with the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure these interventions are child sensitive - i.e. have positive impacts on children and minimise any potential harms. This includes practitioners working on food security and livelihoods, social protection, and cash or in-kind transfer areas of work. 

Through set-by-step practical guidance, interactive exercises and downloadable templates this course will help you to:

  1. Learn about child sensitivity in poverty alleviation
  2. Put your learning into practice using our interactive tools
  3. Adapt the tools for your organization's needs

Introduction to the Toolkit

This toolkit leverages Save the Children’s expertise, knowledge and experience in designing and implementing Poverty Alleviation (PA) programming (e.g. food security and hunger, livelihoods, social protection, humanitarian cash/resource transfers) that is child-sensitive by consolidating and presenting relevant tools and resources that already exist.

The Case Study

This toolkit uses the example of a real Save the Children PA project in Kenya. This practical case study uses the real details of the project to show the utility of the various building blocks, action steps and tools presented in this toolkit. However, additional information has been added to the case study to ensure the toolkit’s clarity.

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